KZN Midlands

The Natal Midlands is a rich belt of farmland lying to the north of Pietermaritzburg. Forests and grass meadows carpet the area and provide for a soft gentle landscape where many crafters have made their home and life is lived at a more relaxed pace. The Midlands Meander route which lies mainly between Howick and Nottingham Road is a delightful shopping route offering an eclectic mix of restaurants, hydros and health spas as well as arts and crafts studios. Locations include Hilton, Howick, Nottingham Road, Midmar Nature Reserve and Mooirivier.

Southern Drakensberg

The Southern Drakensberg - incorporating the villages of Underberg, Himeville, Bulwer and surrounding area - is a more remote and less explored highland farming area. A haven for those who love active, outdoor holidays and the beauty of undisturbed nature. The area is a favorite with trout fishermen and canoeists with an abundance of lakes and rivers. There are several nature reserves including Cobham, Kamberg and the Loteni providing access to the high mountains. A tourist highlight is the Sani Pass which is the highest navigable pass in South Africa.

Northern Drakensberg

The Northern Drakensberg includes the highest and most impressive part of the range, rising to over 3 000 meters and providing a majestic backdrop between KwaZulu-Natal and the inland mountain kingdom of Lesotho. The escarpment is frequently covered in snow in the winter months and is popular with hikers and rock climbers. The area offers a wide range of accommodation venues with panoramic views of the peaks from the sheltered valleys at Champagne, Cathedral Peak and Royal Natal National Park with easy tarred access from the National Road.